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The Words and Music Songwriter Showcase is a celebration of original music from Central New York and beyond, featuring established and emerging artists of all genres in an up-close-and-personal acoustic setting. Since its debut in January 2008, the series has featured such top talent as Rani Arbo, Peter Case, Joe Driscoll, Maura Kennedy, Mike Powell, John Cadley, Colin Aberdeen, Colleen Kattau, Dusty Pas’cal and Loren Barrigar, Ashley Cox, Bob Halligan Jr., Joe Crookston, Jamie Notarthomas, and Gary Frenay and Arty Lenin.


Coming Sept. 26: The Syracuse Acoustic Guitar Project Concert

I'm honored to participate in a songwriting project currently launching in 35 cities around the world. It's called the Acoustic Guitar Project, and the idea is that a guitar circulates in a city from songwriter to songwriter, and each person writes and records a song on that guitar within a week.

I got to know Dave Adams, the guy in NYC who runs the project, through interviewing him for Acoustic Guitar magazine. When I told him what great songwriters we have in Central New York, he suggested that we start a project here... So now I am curating the Syracuse project and am circulating a beautiful handmade guitar donated by Minor Bird Instruments in Maryland. Songs are posted as they are completed, and you can hear them at the Acoustic Guitar Project website.

On September 26, we'll be celebrating the completion of the Syracuse Acoustic Guitar Project with a special concert at May Memorial presented by the Folkus Project.

Friday, September 26, 8 pm

The Syracuse Acoustic Guitar Project Concert

May Memorial, 3800 E. Genesee St., Syracuse